Friday, 7 February 2020

Restoration 360: Charles II's England—facts, fiction & fundraising for Mind

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Presentations, interviews, raffle & cake! Expert historians & authors explore the Restoration and how return to royal rule shaped a new era.

About this Event

On 29th May 1660, Oliver Cromwell'ss republican parliament was a thing of the past and London welcomed the Stuarts back with jubilation as the abolished monarchy was restored. A return to the old days? Yes and no. The pleasure-seeking King Charles II helped fuel society's urge to move onwards and upwards after civil wars and Puritan rule, and the era developed a character of its own.

Women exploded onto the stage in groundbreaking comedy theatre, while the founding of the Royal Society paved the way for science to achieve great medical and engineering advancements. Before long, fashion was bursting with colour and fresh architecture was altering city skylines as Baroque art and culture came in with a bang.

For all the highs though, this was an age also characterised by its many lows. Some of British history's most influential names could be found in Restoration England, yet uncontrollable forces such as plague and fire perhaps had the biggest impact of all. As the period progressed, the Royal Navy fell to humiliating defeat, the Royal African Company went on to deal in the cruelty of the slave trade and attempts at religious toleration only intensified the old fear of Catholic takeover, a fear that would lead to executions of innocents and set the nation on course for revolution once more.

In 1660, nobody was prepared for what was to come. But 360 years later, we’ll look at Restoration life and times through the eyes of historians and authors with fascinating insights to share. Discover how and why our monarchy came back, how London suffered and rose from devastation, why sex featured large in the spirit of the age and what Charles II had planned to put Greenwich on the map!

Alongside the facts and figures, fiction will not be forgotten. From naval settings to the trials of midwifery, we’ll discuss the process of turning research into a captivating story. How does the mindset of the 1660s and beyond affect character? Do similarities between then and now help the audience connect? Who are the best figures of the day to involve in your plot?

Listen to the talks, see the slides and hear the audio as we revisit the Restoration!

J.D. Davies
Dr Jonathan Healey
Kris Martin
Dr Sara Read
Rebecca Rideal
Andrea Zuvich

More to be announced!

To keep the feel alive further, there’ll be a majestic cake provided by amazing cake designer Charlotte White at Restoration Cake, and why not take part in our themed raffle as we continue fundraising for mental health charity Mind? Instead of numbers on the raffle tickets, you’ll find the names of individuals from Restoration England. Who may bring you luck?

Raffle tickets sold at the event, with all the money going to Mind.
Admission tickets £14.25 [plus Eventbrite fee] and include cake! 60% of admission ticket price [excluding Eventbrite fee] goes to Mind.

Cake contains gluten and may contain traces of nuts. List of ingredients available.

Mental health is an age-old issue that affects people today as it always has through the centuries, with sufferers often left vulnerable and excluded. However, Mind is there to change that. This vital charity offers support, advice and assistance to lead people on the road to recovery and give them the respect they deserve.

Canada Water Library and Theatre has full wheelchair access and is perfectly located above Canada Water station, across the road from the station's main entrance. Come and support the Mind charity and enjoy a unique event as we mark the 360th anniversary of the Restoration to see what happened when England went full circle.
Not suitable for under 16s.

Dress up in period costume if you fancy!

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Date And Time
Fri, 29 May 2020
14:00 – 17:30 BST

Meeting Rooms 5-6, Canada Water Library
21 Surrey Quays Road
SE16 7AR