Sunday, 30 June 2013

" To Have no Newes is good Newes"

Book Reviews

The Undivided Past: History Beyond Our Differences-David Cannadine London, Allen Lane, 2013, ISBN: 9781846141324; 352pp.; Price: £20.00 Reviewer:Dr Beverley Southgate University of Hertfordshire

Turncoats and Renegadoes: Changing Sides during the English Civil Wars Andrew Hopper Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2012, ISBN: 9780199575855; 272pp.; Price: £65.00 Reviewer:Dr Elliot Vernon URL:

Women and the Bible in Early Modern England by Femke Molekamp Times Higher Education by Lucy Wooding

Pamela O. Long. Artisan/Practitioners and the Rise of the New Sciences, 1400-1600. Corvallis: Oregon State University Press, 2011. xii + 196 pp. $22.95 (paper), ISBN 978-0-87071-609-6; ISBN 978-0-87071-647-8.Reviewed by Lesley Cormack (University of Alberta)Published on H-Albion (May, 2013)Commissioned by Jeffrey R. Wigelsworth

New Books

The English Revolution C. 1590 1720: Politics, Religion and Communities [Paperback] Nicholas Tyacke Publisher: Manchester University Press (1 Sep 2013)ISBN-10: 0719090083


Conference on Hugh Trevor-Roper in Oxford in January, 2014 Hugh Trevor-Roper 1914-2014 A series of papers and discussions to mark the centenary of his birth (on 15 January) and to appraise aspects of his thought and writing. The occasion is arranged by the Dacre Trust and will be held on   Saturday 11 January 2014 in Corpus Christi College Oxford.