Saturday, 1 March 2014

To Have no Newes is good Newes

1 E. P. Thompson and English Radicalism- edited by Roger Fieldhouse and Richard Taylor. As part of the anniversary of Thompson’s ground breaking work The making of the English Working Class Manchester University Press have released this collection of essays. They have kindly given me a review copy and this book will be reviewed on this blog in the not too distant future.

2 Warwick University Ltd- a book written by E P Thompson in 1970 written in a week Thompson sought to expose the fact that universities like Warwick had not only been spying on its students but had developed increasingly incestuous relations with big business. As Thompson said the “Is it inevitable that the university will be reduced to the function of providing, with increasingly authoritarian efficiency, pre-packed intellectual commodities which meet the requirements of management? Or can we by our efforts transform it into a center of free discussion and action, tolerating and even encouraging “subversive” thought and activity, for a dynamic renewal of the whole society in which it operates? “Page (166) Spokesman books have sent me a review copy. A critical review will be posted on this blog.

3.The Levellers- Radical political thought in the English Revolution. By Rachel Foxley.  Manchester University again have been kind enough to send me review copy .I have begun research for a review of this major book.. John Rees’s review can be found @

4. John Adamson’s review of Rebellion: Britain’s First Stuart Kings 1567-1642. By Tim Harris Oxford University Press. Published in Literary Review Febuary 2014

5. Lesley Mitchell’s review of One Hundred Letters from Hugh Trevor Roper edited by Richard Davenport –Hines and Adam Sisman. Published by Oxford University Press. Can be found at Literary Review Feb 2014.

6. The Online Library Of Liberty plan to put online a seven volume collection of Leveller tracts from the English Revolution. 1638-1659 There website can be found at